Tips to Memorize

Not just to pass the Singapore's Basic Driving Theory Test.

But also a refresher if you're new to driving in Singapore.

Crafted as Engineers' Guide! Can work for anyone!! Good luck!!!

Useful Links

Sample Tests & Mock Tests at They also have an app. Pretty useful.

Sample Tests at 400+ questions.

Police.Gov.SG Booklet 11th Edition (10th Edition & 9th Edition).

  • Download Acrobat PDF reader, Activate ReadOutAloud (View -> Read Out Aloud).

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Reading -> Set to 200 words per minute.

  • Entire book can be read in 1-2 hours.

Recap of Signs at Wiki

Get help on the following topics

Parking/ Stopping


  1. Choose the center (there are 3). Book appointment in the selected center's website (Comfort Delgro at Ubi - Website Appointment). They are independent of each other.

  2. Make an appointment (to book the appointment for actual test) - Waiting time could be a month. Can book on weekends/ Sundays as well. No walk-ins.

  3. Go to the center, Take Q ticket. Wait time could be 30+ mins. make payment of about $16, Get your your receipt - it has your login details.

Things To Bring: Original Singapore Identity Card or Passport, Original Valid Work Passes or Permit (for foreigners only), Glasses, if wearing (for eyesight test) and NETS card for payment

  1. Click on Learners Login and Book the actual BDT test appointment (Waiting time is about 2 months)

  2. Prepare - Refer to Useful Links above - for 50 mins Test with 50 questions. Pass mark is 45.

  3. Get your PDL

  4. Refresh your knowledge at BTT.TIPS and be a responsible driver! Remember its a privilege and not a right!!

Comfort Delgro - Ubi Avenue

Buikit Batok Driving Center