Park or Stop

OK to Park on single yellow line on public holidays and at night from 7pm to 7am

When stopping, check rear mirror, side mirror & blind spots

not OK to park near or at or in

  • Uphill or Downhill

  • Double Yellow Parallel Lines or Single Zig Zag Yellow lines

  • Single white line or double white parallel lines at middle of road

  • another vehicle too close (abreast another car)

  • Any Bus lanes at all times

not OK to park at roads with these Signs


  • 3 points for parking in pedestrian crossing

  • 3 points for any parking violation

not OK to park at Signs and 'No Stopping' zones

not OK to park within

  • 3m from Fire Hydrant

  • 6m from Intersection

  • 9m from Bus Stop or Bus Bay.

Cannot stop or park. Can, in case of breakdowns.

At gas station,

  • do NOT smoke

  • do NOT use mobile phones

  • do NOT keep your engine running

When Parking, Remember to:

  • Downhill: Keep front wheel facing curb. Keep on Reverse Gear.

  • Up Slope: Keep front wheel facing curb. Keep on low/ 1st Gear. Source:

  • Unlit Roads: Turn on side lights or parking lights