• In lorries, workers can be carried along with the goods

  • To avoid thefts (MVT - Motor Vehicle / TFV - Theft from vehicle): LOCK-LOOK-LEAVE

  • Cars cannot carry more than 3000 Kg and 7+1 driver


  • 1.6 mm: Tire Treads should NOT be less than 1.6 mm

  • Air Pressure: NOT After driving, as tire expands.

  • Coolant : After Engine Cools Down. Need not check daily.

  • Break lights: Don't drive if break lights do NOT work

  • Seats & Mirrors: Adjust Seat first. Mirrors second.

Did you know:

  • The engine is cooled by a combination of oil, air and water

LONG Vehicles to show 1 Red rear marking and 3 Yellow markings on both sides.

  • longer than 10m. 5 cars long.

  • Trailers longer than 5m.

  • Cranes taller than 10 m. Red rear marking only.