but not the least

Read "Mighty Minds" Highway Code Book 1. Book 2 is optional and is not required for BTT.

Borrow from Library.

No negative points. So attempt all questions.

About the test:

  • Test has 50 questions to be answered in 50 mins

  • You need 45 correct answers or 90% to pass

  • Some questions accompany images and videos. You'll be able to replay the video.

  • Students clear this test anywhere from 15 to 30 mins.

  • You'll have enough time to review answers and correct. You'll be able to go to previous & next questions to review & correct answers any time during the exam.

  • If you get delayed to reach the center, do not worry. You are allowed to enter half-way through. You can still complete the test in time.

  • When you reach last question, you will be asked whether to end the test or review answers. If you end the test, your test result will be shown on screen briefly for 5-10 secs.

  • There are no other confirmations or emails on the day. You may head to Police HQ with your foreign license on the same day before 5pm for License Conversion.

Look out for negative questions... such as:

  • What you should NOT do (or) What should you NOT do?

  • Which of the following is INCORRECT?

  • Which of the following statements is FALSE?

  • Which of the following is NOT applicable?

  • Which of the following is NOT an appropriate response?

Look out for tricky questions... such as:

  • What should be the Alcohol limit per 50 ml of blood? 80mg per 100 ml of blood.

Look out for tricky answers... such as:

  • Reaction Distance = Stopping Distance - Breaking Distance

  • Breaking Distance = Stopping Distance - Reaction Distance

  • It is unsafe to drive with the interior lights off as they reduce your external visibility - False

  • Vehicles with L plate can not drive in Express Ways - True (L Plate = PDL holder)

Did you know:

  • Pedestrians have "no right of way" on white zig zag lines approaching zebra crossing

  • Repeat drink/drive offense => fine, jail and disqualification from driving

  • No fines or points for tailgating

  • There are 10 express ways: PIE, CTE, AYE, TPE, SLE, BKE, KJE, ECP, KPE, MCE


  • DIPS - Driver Improvement Points System

  • EMAS - Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System

  • LUS - Lane Use And Variable Message Signs

  • RVMS - Roadside Variable Message Signs - Old Acronym

  • ERS - Electronic Regulatory Signs

  • AVMS - Arterial Variable Message Signs

  • TVMS- Tunnel Variable Message Signs

  • OCC - Operations Control Centre

  • MVT - Motor Vehicle Theft

  • TFV - Theft from Vehicle

  • IDP - International Driving Permit

  • BTT - Basic Theory Test

  • PDL - Provisional Drivers License

  • FTT - Final Theory Test

  • RTT - Final Riders Test

  • PDT - Practical Drivers Test

  • PRT - Practical Riders Test

  • QDL - Qualified Drivers License

  • COE - Certificate of Entitlement

  • ERP - Electronic Road Pricing

  • TTD - Travel Time Display

  • TID - Traffic Information Display

  • TSD - Traffic Sign Display

  • EFR - Expressway Familiarization Ride

  • EDDIES - Electronic Driver Data Information & Enquiry System

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