Road / Tunnel

Colors, Lines and general significance:

  • White - means "Law/ Rule". Must follow

  • Yellow - means "Guide/ Warning". more lenient than White.

  • Red - means "Danger". Not following will get you into serious trouble for you and others

  • Zig Zag- Stricter than Regular/ Straight Lines.

  • Always be in center of the lane in express ways, tunnels and roads in general

  • Always keep left on 2-way road, except when you overtake

  • Don't Park or Wait at the bends or curves

  • Don't make a mobile call in Express ways, even if it is an emergency. Handsfree is ok to receive calls.

  • Cant drive a motorcycle with side-car attached on the expressway - Class 1 License

  • Don't enter tunnels, if the vehicle is more than 2.5m width, 13 m length and 4.5m height


  • OK to carry goods in vehicles along with workers

  • OK for busses to enter. NOT OK for Vehicles carrying dangerous goods to enter.

Tunnel: Dial 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255582) or 995 or 999 for emergencies

  • 500m: Exit stairways. On both sides.

  • 100m: Telephones at slow lanes & cross-passage doors.

  • 50m: Fire extinguishers


  • 4 points for white/yellow line violations

  • 3 points for parking violations, includes

Zig zag single white & yellow

Zig zag double white & yellow (there's no zig zag double white)

Straight Yellow Single & double

  • Straight & zig zag lines gives 3 points for parking violations

  • Straight white double gives 4 points for crossing over

Zig Zag:

  • Single White: Zebra crossing ahead. No parking at all times. Never Stop.

  • Double White: There is no Double White Zig Zag

  • Single Yellow Zig Zag: No parking at all times. May pickup/ drop. 3 points & fine.

  • Double Yellow: No Parking at all times. Never Stop.

Regular/ Straight Lines:

  • Broken white: Can park.

  • Single White: Cross if safe to overtake. No Parking.

  • Double White: Do NOT Cross. No Parking. No U turn. Can overtake without crossing lines. 4 points.

  • Broken Yellow: Guiding line.

  • Single Yellow (on side): No parking. Can park at night 7 PM to 7 AM and Sundays/ Holidays.

  • Double Yellow Straight (on side): No Parking at all times. May pickup/ drop.

  • 50 KM - Normal speed limit in Singapore roads

  • 60 KM - Use left lane in tunnels

  • Steel plates laid on unfinished road works could be slippery. But they're strong.

Signs that mean the same!

Converges to single lane

One Ways Signs and Misleading Ones

Turn Left - Mandatory

One Way Street Begins - Regulatory

One Way Ahead - Regulatory

2 way crosses one way - Warning

2 way ahead

Pairs of Signs that may be misconstrued

Uneven Road

Road Hump

Cross Junction Ahead


End of Car Park

No Parking


Road Curves

  • Black Background

  • Yellow Arrow

Raised Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing

Road Curves / Sharp Bend

  • Black Bg

  • White Arrow

Extended Road Curves

  • Green Bg

  • Black Arrow

Children ahead

Pedestrians ahead

U-Turn Info Sign

No U-Turn Info Sign

U-Turn Warning

No U-Turn Prohibitory

Sign Categories

  • Mandatory - Mostly Circular - Blue Background - White Signs/ Letters [includes STOP & GIVE WAY]

  • Prohibitory

Mostly Red Circular Ring - White Background - Black Signs/Letters.

Red Square Ring for Turf Parking.

  • Regulatory

Rectangular - Blue Background - White Signs/Letters (Eg., One Way Begins or One Way Ahead)

Rectangular - Yellow Background - Black Signs/Letters (Eg., Single Lane Traffic or Detour or Barrier)

Rectangular - Red Background - White Letters for "REDUCE SPEED NOW"

  • Information Signs - Mostly Square - Blue Background - White Signs/ Letters

  • Directional Signs

Rectangular - Green Background - White/Yellow Signs/ Letters.

Blue inset for Express Ways.

  • Work Zone Warnings - Diamond - Mostly Orange Background - Black Signs/Letters

  • Facility Signs - Rectangular with Arrow shape - Mostly White Background - Black Letters. Community services in blue background.


  • Circle or Square.

  • Red

  • No fill


  • Triangle

  • Red

  • No fill


  • Square

  • Blue

  • Fill


  • Square

  • Red

  • Fill

  • Square

  • Yellow

  • Fill

  • Square

  • Blue

  • Fill


  • Octagon

  • Red

  • Fill

  • Circular

  • Blue

  • Fill

  • Square

  • Blue

  • Fill

  • Inverted Triangle

  • Red

  • Fill


  • Rectangular

  • Green

  • Fill

  • Rectangular Arrow

  • Green

  • Fill